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Welcome to our continuing series on how to improve your Immune System.  In this latest installment, we take a look at why you might choose to visit a Naturopathic Doctor to help boost your Immune System.


1. A Ounce of Prevention is worth Pound of Cure

You believe in preventive medicine and optimizing health.  One of the most relatable reasons to see an ND these days is to find out how you can keep your immune system strong and armed during cold and flu season BEFORE and not just when you get sick. If you find yourself getting sick often, a Naturopathic Doctor can help identify the factors or root cause(s) as to why your immune system may be low. These factors can include chronic stress, medication use, or poor nutrition to name just a few.

A Naturopathic Doctor could offer you strategies to help you mitigate these risk factors.  That could include the use of acupuncture, dietary modifications, prescribe you appropriate natural supplements just to name a few.

**Did you know that high levels of stress could significantly impact your immune system (1) ?  Acupuncture has been shown to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality (2).

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2. You Feel unwell but Your Test Results are ‘Normal’

A Naturopathic Doctor can work with you to run the appropriate tests and investigate all of the factors that may be contributing to why you are feeling unwell despite your tests coming back as “normal”. A recurrent runny nose or phlegm can often be chalked up to allergies or the common cold that seems “normal” for that time of year. However, if this is something you experience often and on an ongoing basis, deeper investigation may reveal food sensitivities that may be contributing to your symptoms which can be treated appropriately by addressing them.

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2. Existing Medical Condition

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires the use of prescription medications.  Some medications come with unwanted and sometimes long-term side effects.   Some medications could even diminish your immune system or cause unwanted side effects.  One possible example is if you suffer from an auto-immune disorder or currently use an immunosuppressant medication.  Consider visiting a Naturopathic Doctor to find out if there are any solutions that could help optimize your immune system while using such medications.

Seeing a Naturopathic doctor can yield many benefits that can dramatically improve your physical well-being. Being proactive and seeking ways to improve or optimize your health is a pillar of preventive medicine.

Need Help?

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Written by: Dr. Gayamalie Karunaratna, ND