Hello!!  I’m Dr. Gayamali Karunaratna and I’m the Naturopathic Doctor & Birth Doula here at Brightpath Health & Wellness.   I’d like to share with you what you’ve always wanted to know about Naturopathic Medicine.  Perhaps you’ve never thought of seeing a Naturopathic Doctor.  Maybe maybe you’re considering to try Naturopathic Medcine but just had a few questions.  Or you’d like know if Naturopathic Medicine can help with your health concern. Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers.   So let’s begin..

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Question #1: What conditions do Naturopaths treat?

A: Naturopathic Doctors can treat a wide range of conditions whether acute or chronic. These conditions include anything  from muscle pain and seasonal allergies to chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as mental/emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression. Naturopathic Doctors will refer patients during a medical emergency, surgical intervention or for conditions that require a specialist. To find out more about what specific conditions can be treated with Naturopathic Medicine, book a complimentary 15 minute appointment with me. 



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Question#2 : Do you Specialize in a certain field?



A: Naturopathic Doctors can either choose to develop an interest in a certain area/field of medicine, or maintain a broad practice. I find a large majority of my patients consist of Women and children. My clinical focus is therefore Women’s health and Fertility. As a Naturopathic Doula, I also provide physical, emotional and educational support for Women during pregnancy and postpartum. However, I have do have patients who I treat for lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, as well as mental/emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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Question #3: What can I expect during a Naturopathic Appointment?


A:  Initial ConsultationAn initial consultation is 90 minutes in duration and entails a thorough intake of health history and discussion of current health concerns and goals. It may also include a brief physical examination, if indicated. Information gathering is the primary focus during this visit in order for me to put together an appropriate and individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

Follow-up Visits

Any follow-up visits subsequent to the initial visit will entail treatment based on the individualized treatment plan that has been carefully constructed to address your unique needs. These visits are 45-60 minutes in duration. Treatment can include acupuncture, nutritional or lifestyle counselling, massage or hydrotherapy, and/or any additional modalities that may be suited for you.

Question #4: What kind of training do Naturopathic Doctors have?

A: Naturopathic Doctors undergo four years of intense medical training in biomedical sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, as well as natural therapies including Botanical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Homeopathy to name a few. ND candidates must complete a three or four-year Bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution prior to entering the program for Naturopathic Medicine. The program involves more than 1, 200 hours of clinical experience as well as more than 3, 000 hours of classroom training. Naturopathic Doctors are also required to pass the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) offered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) in order to practice in most regulated provinces in Canada.

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Question #5: How does Naturopathic Medicine differ from Homeopathic Medicine?


A: Naturopathic Medicine is a system of medicine of which homeopathy falls under. Naturopathic Medicine is centered on identifying and treating the root cause of a disease, while simultaneously promoting disease prevention. The various treatment methods, known as modalities that are used in Naturopathic Medicine can include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Lifestyle Counselling, Physical Medicine, and Homeopathy. While Naturopathic Doctors may use Homeopathy in their treatments, they may also use other modalities while a Homeopath only uses homeopathy to treat. 

Do you still have questions?   Are you still wondering if Naturopathic Medicine can help you?  Why not consider a 15-minute Complimentary Naturopathic Consultation with me.  It’s FREE and it can be done over the phone or virtually by video link.  Just click the link below and get started towards a better and healthier you.