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Do you wonder if you should take Supplements during Pregnancy?  Expecting mamas often ask me “Why take them?”

Pregnancy is a delicate time for a woman, with so many changes and increased demands on your body. After all, you ARE growing a human inside you. 

Apart from a prenatal vitamin (one that has ingredients in highly bioavailable or active form for better absorption), supplements and vitamins are important during pregnancy to not only support your body’s needs, but to ensure proper fetal growth and development. 

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5 Reasons Why Supplements can be Helpful during Pregnancy

1. Alleviate Pregnancy Symptoms

Nausea, fatigue, migraines, back pain, leg cramps, insomnia-you name it, all the fun stuff unfortunately come as no surprise during pregnancy. Studies have found that Vitamin B6 can help curb nausea associated with morning sickness.

2. Address Nutrient Deficiencies

Although proper nutrition is important during pregnancy, it can be hard to maintain a well-balanced diet due to nausea, morning sickness or aversions. Underlying conditions that affect your body’s ability to either absorb nutrients or convert nutrients to their active form; such as an MTHFR mutation, can deplete you of certain vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. Taking folate or a prenatal with folate versus the synthetic form of folic acid can address folate deficiency and help prevent neural tube defects.

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3. Promote Healthy Development

The 3rd trimester is when the most fetal development occurs in your baby’s eyes and brain. Taking a high-quality DHA fish oil can help support this development. 

4. Prevent Pregnancy Conditions

Supplements could prevent/treat conditions that may arise during pregnancy.  For example, Magnesium has been found to prevent and treat preeclampsia.

5. Prepare for Labour and Delivery

No matter how ready you feel mentally, physically or emotionally, labour is a strenuous marathon. Hence why it’s called labour. Taking evening primrose oil or red raspberry tea can help soften the cervix in preparation for labour.

Not all supplements are safe during pregnancy. Always consult with your Naturopath Doctor or healthcare practitioner prior to starting any supplement or herb.

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Written by: Dr Gayamali Karunaratna, ND