Custom Orthotics in North York

Custom Orthotics

Who Needs Custom Orthotics?

Do you struggle with repetitive foot, knee, hip or lower back pain?  If so, you may benefit from custom foot orthotics.   Many patients find orthotics helpful for conditions such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Flat feet
  • Hip Bursitis / Hip Arthritis
  • Knee Pain / Knee Arthritis
  • Low Back Pain

Orthotic fitting

How does Custom Orthotics Help?

Similar to a building with poor foundations, misalignments in your feet, knees and pelvis and create increased stress to these joints.  This can cause local joint pain or referred pain in the spine, shoulders or neck.  Custom Orthotics helps to improve your ‘foundations’ and reduces the sources of stress and inflammation in your posture.

Is Custom Orthotics covered by my Insurance Plan?

Many employee insurance plans cover the cost of custom orthotics.  Be sure to check your insurance policy and understand the terms and conditions involved in submitting a claim for custom Orthotics.  Many insurance plans require that you obtain a prescription from your medical doctor.  In addition, often there are specific limits to how often orthotics can be claimed.

Custom Orthotics: How it Works

1. Book a Consultation appointment and schedule a FREE** Custom Orthotic Consultation.

2. Obtain the necessary documents as required by your Insurance Policy.  Typically a prescription from your medical doctor is needed.

3. Attend the Consultation appointment for an assessment of your legs & feet.

4. At the time of ordering, a $100 deposit is required.

5. Typically after 7-10 business days, the Orthotics will be ready for pick up.  You pay the remaining balance when you pick up your Orthotics.

**A $65 charge applies if orthotics are not ordered on day of consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Custom Orthotics cost?

On average Custom Orthotics cost $475 but prices may vary depending which type of orthotics is selected

2. Is Direct Billing available when ordering Custom Orthotics

No. Insurance companies typically require submission by paper, including all requested documents.

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