Client Reviews

“I am a long time runner and must say that my experience with Acupuncture was simply put, excellent! After experiencing severe calf pain when walking and running for many months I was very skeptical. With three weeks to go I was scheduled to run a half marathon that I had signed up for months earlier. I was very doubtful that I would be able to participate in the race and have to cancel. Thanks to Acupuncture treatments my calf issues are gone, cramping and all. After my treatments I was able to run pain and drug free for the first time in a while, plus I had a great race.” – R.S.

“I had been suffering from a neck injury since 2003. It affected my nervous system and my hands would vibrate randomly. I started seeing results after the 3rd Acupuncture treatment. This was about a year ago. To this date, I haven’t had the vibrations come back. I am grateful for the treatment.” – M.A

“I have been receiving Chiropractic treatment for the past couple of years. The care was always professional and I felt looked after. During my appointments, my file is reviewed and we go over the last couple of appointments to ascertain if the problem is new or a reoccurrence. None of this takes very long, but in the whole scheme of things I feel best treated for the headaches that ‘pop’ up every once in a while. I never hesitate to recommend Chiropractic to my family and friends.” – M.J.S.

“I’ve been suffering from hypermobility that causes my alignment to shift quite frequently after a car accident. After an adjustment, I leave walking straight again and with a lot less pain when combined with acupuncture. I appreciate chiropractors’ wealth of knowledge and suggestions for further treatment and at home exercises. Much appreciated! – D.H.

“I went to have Chiropractic treatments for my groin pain on my right hip. The first appointment was amazing! Chiropractors seem very professional and welcoming. The appointments were thorough, I was asked several questions and after a good understanding of my problem, we started the treatments. After the first session, I started feeling less pain already.” – D.N.

As a long-time sufferer of Fibromyalgia, I can attest to the benefits of regular chiropractic care in managing my varying symptoms and flare-ups. I have found that Chiropractor in North york are passionate about their work and determined to “heal”. I appreciate chiropractors’ empathy when I find myself overwhelmed with chronic pain and/ or debilitating fatigue. Chiropractic’s approach to my care has been flexible and effective. I recommend these techniques, processes and abilities to anyone ! – J.H.

“I was suffering, in not so much silence, from upper thoracic pain and could find no relief. I was 50 years old but had never received chiropractic treatment before. At my first visit, we thoroughly discussed the pain I was experiencing for half an hour before a physical examination. It was gentle, thorough and thoughtful. A few minutes later I was given a diagnosis, a treatment plan and a prognosis. So, definitely huge improvement after initial session and 2-3 visits later and as explained, I was fixed. I continue to have maintenance care and that seems exactly what I need. My experience with chiropractic has been entirely positive and I am happy to recommend to anyone.” -R.V.

I just want to thank you for the Chiropractic treatment that I received sometime back. I have to say that I am very much better now since my last Chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors seemed diligent in making sure that my pains are relieved so I don’t have prolonged pain. And that is probably the reason why I do not need to make an appointment to seek treatment after just a few visits. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to my friends because I know they will receive the same care that I had received. – S.T.

I have found chiropractors to be kind, personable and supremely competent. They listen well and always addresses my issues. I receive a variety of techniques and is very thorough in alleviating the pain and stress in my back and neck. I am recuperating from an automobile accident and therefore I needed a knowledgeable Chiropractor who could address my complex problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Chiropractic Therapy. five stars!!
Sincerely, DS

“Chiropractors are thorough in diagnosing the root cause of your pain before developing a treatment plan. They listen to patients and their training, experience, and professionalism instils confidence that you are receiving quality treatment that addresses your needs.” – L.S.

“After years of suffering from lower back pain I was running out of options and a friend asked if I ever tried chiropractic therapy. Being skeptical to this form of treatment, I was reluctant at first but was told that Chiropractic worked wonders on my her back so was willing to give it a try. On my first appointment, I was impressed with the professional practice. A very thorough physical assessment was done and I was asked many questions about my pain and my concerns were genuinely addressed.
I received a personalized series of exercises and treatments suitable for my condition. Within one session I swear my back felt significantly better, I continued to do the recommended exercises at home and saw vast improvement over the next few weeks. It has been a few months and I can honestly say my back pain is pretty much gone. I would recommend Chiropractic Treatments in a heartbeat.” – A. R.

“After going to multiple doctors and exploring physical therapy and massage therapy with minimal results, I started receiving Acupuncture and the cycle of pain was stopped and the rehabilitation process for my repetitive strain injury was kick-started. Beyond the results I have been so thankful for the thoughtful questions and explanations of all of my health related questions. I have received excellent client care, providing explanations and supplementary information that goes the extra mile.” — E.S.

“I first began having Chiropractic treatments when my chronic back pain could no longer be ignored. As a waitress on my feet for 8 hours at a stretch – my job was on the line. I received a thorough explanation of my problem, was offered exercises that I could do to rebalance my back, and was recommended a back support that really helped. The adjustments made a big difference to how my back felt – and now I just have to go for maintenance check-ups. Thanks!” – L.R.

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