A good workstation maintains good posture

working from home

We’ve all seen our kids twisted like pretzels, reading books upside down or hanging over the arm of a chair looking at their iPad on the floor. Sometimes it seems like they are incapable of sitting still! When they are sitting, thought, it’s important to teach proper posture while they are young to avoid problems in the future.

School is just around the corner and whether you or your children are headed back into the classroom or will be learning from home, it’s important to evaluate the ergonomics of your home workstation.

During the summer we are lucky to have plenty of time to be outside playing and moving our bodies. Switching to a more sedentary day of sitting at a desk or workstation can be hard on the body.

We have a few recommendations for items that will make your home workstation work for you AND your health. 

Correct home workstation

1. Adjustable Chair or Footrest

Have you heard the great advice about spending more money on items that keep you off the ground? That includes shoes, tires and chairs.

You or your child want to be seated in a chair with a solid back where your feet touch the floor comfortably, preferably at a 90 degree angle.  An adjustable office chair is ideal, but if everyone is working at the dining room table, you may need to get a footrest for the smaller members of the household so that they are able to sit comfortable with their feet flat and not dangling.

2. Lumbar Support

If you are using a regular household chair, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. A pillow or lumbar support device like one you’d use in your car will prompt you to lean back in your chair and keep your shoulders relaxed. Ideally you want to have your back touching the chair.

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Laptop stand

3. Laptop Stand

Trust us, your back will thank you! You don’t want to be hunched over staring at a screen all day, a stand makes the keyboard angled in a comfortable way, and brings the screen up to eye level.

Having the keyboard on an angle also encourages a straighter posture. Having the screen at eye level means you’re not leaning over or down to look at the screen.

Nomad Life 101 has some great recommendations for portable stands so you can work at home, in bed, or even in the coffee shop or library.

Standing desk

4. Standing Desk

A great way to relieve the strain on your body from sitting all day can be switching to a standing desk for part of the day. Stand Desk.com offers some great options for adjustable standing desks that you can use all day.

If you don’t want to invest in a standing desk, you can also move your laptop to a countertop during a video conference or lecture, or walk around the house while you take a conference call.

Child headphones

5. Headsets or Earbuds

A headset is a great way to ensure that while you are on a call or listening to a presentation you’ll be able to maintain good posture and have your hands free to take notes. A wireless set will even give you the freedom to move around and get a few stretches in while you’re listening, and will also give your eyes a break from the screen.

Whether you’ll be working from home for a few more weeks, or you work from home full time, we hope these tips to make your home workstation more comfortable are helpful.

Written by:  Dr. Kevin Ho, Chiropractor